Forum Title: What to do about solar hw heater discharge stains on roof
In the photo - these particular shingles are out of production. I was hoping that I could custom cut somecopper to cover this and nail down with copper nails and clear roof tar around the nails just to make this look reasonable. I think the great amount of discharge from the pressure relief valve of this solar hw heater was due to my whole system not having a pressure overflow tank. I bought the house with this stuff installed and noticedissues with plumbing and luckily I checked the hot water pressure which peaked at about 165 psi. The pressure overflow tank fixed that.Thoughts on how to repair, short of a new roof?
Category: Roofing Post By: CURTIS CHAPMAN (Livonia, MI), 02/05/2018

That‚s a pretty good question. I‚ve never seen anything like that before. Is this a problem that you have with your own roof? I don‚t know the answer to your question. But, I‚m pretty sure someone here will know. There are a lot of experienced roofers that hang out here.

- ESTHER BISHOP (Normal, IL), 03/16/2018

I'd sure love some creative advice on it. Thanks.

- VIVIAN KELLER (Tallahassee, FL), 03/23/2018

I say just put a hat over it. No one will notice if you do. It will be your own little secret.

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (Elgin, IL), 04/16/2018

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