Forum Title: Standards for wind damage
Would anyone know if there is a guideline showing what is caused by wind and what is wear and tear. I am a salesman in Houston and the insurance companies are getting real tight with buying roofs that are damaged and I know would have to be replaced in Florida and other states. I have been lurking here and have read a lot of stuff and have seen the regs beat up new guys. Please save me the drama. I am trying to educate myself so any help would be appreciated. I know what damage is and how its caused I am looking for something from the shingle manuf. or from the state That'says if the shingles show damage on 40% or whatever of the roof for wind or creasing or debris under the shingle or granule degradation. thanks for any help. On a lighter note how do you guys really feel about storm chasers? I have been to a storm or two and there is no way the local companies could have handled all the damage. As for me yes I go where tha damage is but I go to work for local companies with good standings in the area.
Category: Roofing Post By: TINA SULLIVAN (Columbia, MO), 02/03/2018

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