Forum Title: barrel vault condensation problem
This house has three barrel vaults clad with copper, flat seam on top and standing seam on the sidewalls. This is an old picture from when I cleaned the roof, I didn't have the camera with me yesterday. One of the barrel vaults has had intermittent leak problems. There is a weak detail where the valley meets the tile that the origional roofer has worked to repair and I did a repair on back when I cleaned the roof. But when the leak returned, We'removed some wet sheetrock to try and find the leak and found the sidewall sheathing soaked. Since it was wet in spots that couldn't possibly come from the weak detail, I'm suspecting ventilation issues. There is no venting in the barrel vaulted area. The moisture on the sidewall was a light fI'm of water instead of a concentrated drip like a roof leak. There was no vapor barrier/retarder between the sheetrock and framing. I am thinking of recommending they remove the sheetrock (a pretty elaborate job on the barrel vault) and then trying to figure out where to incorporate some kind of venting into the copper roof and/or sidewalls. Then having a vapor barrier installed above the sheetrock. It's alot of work to have done just on a theory of invisible vapor. Of the three barrel vaults, only one has ever caused a noticable problem. My theory as to why that is, is that It's the only one that gets the air from the great room area, which has arena-sized air vollume. Any advice or criticI'm of my solution would be appreciated.
Category: Roofing Post By: KRISTEN BARNETT (Kissimmee, FL), 03/09/2018

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